I was able to spend a couple days in Powell River with some friends to do some songwriting. Usually when I try to be intentional about this sort of thing it is unproductive or forced. Not this time. I am so incredibly blessed to be a part of a community of amazing writers with a heart for truth and to see the presence of God change lives. 

We were able to cap off the trip with a benefit concert for a local church. The event was hosted by The Arctic and was to raise money for a congregational chair upgrade. So awesome!


exciting things ahead

I am really looking forward to some of the plans I have for this year. Whether it is writing and playing more music or spending time with my family, this is turning out to be a great year. Of course, good comes with the bad, but in all things I know that Christ is alive and we can make a difference when we live our lives alive in Him!  

For now, I've updated some of my videos, so check them out! 

One year

A year ago today my debut album, Mighty Ocean Strong was released! Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement; it really means a lot. 

I always have new projects and ideas bouncing around in my head so keep checking back - He is doing a new thing!



working on new stuff

After playing some new tunes at some live shows I've started working on some smaller projects to incorporate the new songs. I'm not really sure what will come of it all but it's a fun process and I'll be sure to post any updates right here! 



Cafe Deux Soleils

I'll be playing a full show downtown Vancouver on January 22nd, 2016! 

It will be 8:00pm at Cafe Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive - we are looking forward to seeing you there!