new demos

I had the opportunity to play a few new songs live and have them recorded.  

The goal is to go into the studio and properly produce the songs for a new record but I wanted to get a couple songs out there and see if they work. 

They’re a bit of a departure from what you may be familiar with coming from me but, as they say, if you’re not progressing you’re stagnant... and we don’t want that!

check out the new tunes by clicking here and let me know what you think!


Here it is...

Well, my friends, the day has come. After a long journey this project is finally complete. This is definitely a vulnerable moment for me, but I am truly excited to share it with you. First, however, I would like to explain it a little bit. 

After listening to the original collection of song ideas from my own personal time of worship I decided that I wanted to record more than just a group of individual songs. I wanted to create an entire album that was meant to be listened to as a whole piece of music. Yes, it is separated into tracks and yes, you can buy songs individually but the true heart behind the record is best consumed listening - and connecting - from start to finish. 

This album is a particularly personal journey. It's an album of prayer and an album of praise. It was birthed while living the daily routine; singing and praising God throughout the day despite circumstances. It is a declaration that no matter where one may find themselves in life there is a Solid Rock - an Everlasting Hope - found in Jesus that can be counted on. I use the first person plural in some songs ("we" and "us") to remind us that we are united by the truth of Scripture and we have a lot in common as we worship "together". 

The mighty ocean sounds like thunder as the waves crash on the shore. On the good days and the bad, we can be still and know that though the crashing waves of the sea are loud and powerful, the Lord above is even more powerful. I find comfort in this and the new album is just one expression of it. 

So grab some headphones and turn up the volume. Go for a walk. Or a drive. Or clean the house. Or fix the car... Live a life of worship and listen to a little inspiration from my heart to yours. I pray these songs turn your eyes towards the God of life. There is freedom in the name of Jesus. 


PS - If it blesses you, please spread the sound around!

save the date.

I'm happy to announce the release date and album art for the new album!

--TUESDAY, MARCH 03, 2015--

On this day, a month from now, Mighty Ocean Strong will officially be released. Both physical discs and digital downloads will be available.


March 03 2015

Mighty Ocean Strong

The songs are almost ready to be mastered! Once the artwork and design are finished and the discs are made, the project will be complete!

Today I'm happy to announce the title and track list of the album. I have also put up a new song for you to listen to on the website as we prepare to launch! It is still a few weeks away but getting much closer.

Mighty Ocean Strong
Trev Conkey

01. All Things
02. Gentle Whisper
03. Declaration
04. Alive In Christ
05. Kingdom Come  
06. Restored
07. Beautiful Savior
08. God Of Life
09. At Your Feet
10. Glorious One
11. Your Presence

CLICK HERE to hear "Kingdom Come"